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2nd place - Newcomer
Latest News:

08 Nov 2007

A two level flash version is now available.

14 Dez 2006

Download is now available.

10 Dez 2006

We have been invited to the German Game Developer Award 2006 where Crazy Furry Animals will fight for the Newcomer Award.

26 Oct 2006

New Crazy Furry Animals Website launched!
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GŁnter Wallner

Graphics & Sound

Simone Kriglstein

If you have questions please write an email.
The soap bubble volcano broke out and enclosed all furry animals in soap bubbles. It's your task to help them to find together again. Use your power to control the wind to influence the movement of the soap bubbles. Make sure that only furry animals of the same color get together. Hurry up, because you have only two minutes to save as many as you can.

In the game there exist several different-colored furry animals which are enclosed in soap bubbles. The goal of the game is to help furry animals sharing the same color to find together. You can achieve this by creating wind whirls with the left mouse button. Soap bubbles are also indirectly influenced by wind forces coming from the four borders.

Technical Info
The game runs under OpenGL and uses fluid dynamics to simulate the wind forces in the environment. For lighting, the fur of the animals and the soap bubbles cg shaders are used. The game therefore needs a graphics card with shader support.
Here are some random screenshots. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Here are two gameplay videos from level one and level three.